iProtecov is security system to identificate, protect, detect, respone, and recover information asset against digital & physical attacks.


IProtecov-XRT is a module that serves as an attack defense against unauthorized access, when the attacker manages to find the server's password. IProtecov-XRT will perform the authentication process of incoming login by issuing OTP (One Time Password).

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What does iProtecov provides?

Continuous Prevention



Quick respone

against threats, remotely exploitable vulnerabilities and real-time incidents on your networks

Why do you need iProtecov?

Firewall & IDS

Firewall & IDS are not enough

The nucleus

The nucleus of all information security operations

Work with CIRT

Work with CIRT to create comprehensive infrastructure for managing security operations


Protect information assets

Protect information assets from digital and physical threats/attacks.

Identifying attacks and negating

Frequently identifying attacks and negating them before they can cause a further damage.

The Ability to recover

The Ability to recover from a DDoS attack in a reasonable amount of time


Dashboard Monitoring

User friendly dashboard monitoring.

iProtecov DashboardBrand

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SIEM (Security and Event Management)

Analyze data security in real time with security alerts genereted by hardware and network applications.

iProtecov SIEM (Security and Event Management)Brand

Detecting Threats System

Monitoring fetures a detecting threat system.

iProtecov Detecting Threats SystemBrand



  • • Report Scheduling (daily,weekly, etc.)

  • • Custom Filtering Report

  • • Export Report (PDF, Excell)

iProtecov ReportingBrand

Server Room Monitoring

The monitoring system is capable of monitoring server and server space such as temperature and smoke detecting.

iProtecov Server Room MonitoringBrand

Endatel (Encryption Data Intellegent)

Monitoring comes with data encryption.

iProtecov EndatelBrand

CCTV data integration

The output produced by CCTV (video, cctv location) can be integreted into the polymon system.

iProtecov CCTV MonitoringBrand

Darknet Monitoring

A software Development Kit for monitoring cyber threats from darknet traffic.

iProtecov Darknet MonitoringBrand

Deepweb Crawler

A software Development Kit for monitoring cyber threats from deepweb traffic.

iProtecov Deepweb CrawlerBrand

Access Control Monitoring

Accesss control monitoring used to manage access to the command-center area.

iProtecov ACCON MonitoringBrand

Auto Deleting Backdoor

Monitoring comes with a system to remove backdoor on evry server.

iProtecov GUARDBrand


Next Generation Firewall with third generation of firewall which features DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).